More than 7 partitions on the SD

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Fri Mar 13 14:37:37 CET 2009

>> If all those can use the same kernel, I'd do it as follows:
>> - a /boot partition containing the kernel plus a minimal system which
>> just allows you to choose which distribution to use.
>> - a LVM partition on which you can create all the volumes you want.
> LVM could be the solution, your idea is good and here is mine. Due to
> uboot i don't think that an initrd could be done, but we can make the
> following (tell me if i'm crazy): boot to a single
> partition /dev/mmcblk0p1 with a minimal system (kernel with lvm inside,
> sbin dir with mount, chroot and the lvm bins), make a menu in something
> like courses or similar, and then chroot to the choosen partition and
> continue booting.

That's exactly what I suggested.  Except you'd probably want to use
pivot_root rather than chroot.  Of course, as someone else mentioned you
might be able to use kexec instead and free youself from the "same
kernel" constraint.


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