[SHR-testing] problem with GPS

Johny Tenfinger seba.dos1 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 21:27:09 CET 2009

(20:31:50) tomboy64: might it be that shr-testing's gps support is broken?
(20:31:56) tomboy64: i absolutely cannot get a fix
(20:33:29) von___fritz
[n=fritz at host120-184-dynamic.0-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] wszedł do
(20:35:39) dos1: tomboy64: i think shr-testing's gps users are broken :D
(20:35:47) dos1: tomboy64: debug it with Zhone
(20:35:57) tomboy64: dos1, i tried
(20:36:01) tomboy64: don't get a fix.
(20:36:17) dos1: but have you looked at signal stripes?
(20:36:31) dos1: that's the most important part of GPS panel in zhone :P
(20:36:46) tomboy64: the most i get is gps-time
(20:36:58) tomboy64: dos1, where do i see the signal-stripes in zhone?
(20:37:06) PaulFert`: tomboy64: the middle pane
(20:37:21) tomboy64: that doesn't work
(20:37:33) tomboy64: at the bottom right i have the x (close)
(20:37:36) PaulFert`: tomboy64: does it show anything at all? or no
sat list even?
(20:37:49) tomboy64: no sat list
(20:37:54) dos1: ...
(20:37:56) tomboy64: the only thing i've got is the gps-time
(20:37:59) użytkownik beniwtv wyszedł z pokoju.
(20:38:09) tomboy64: and that's the most i managed to get the last week
(20:38:15) dos1: on bottom of screen you have to columns of buttons
(20:38:23) dos1: s/to/two/
(20:38:23) mickey|chemnitz [n=mickey at p5099c48e.dip0.t-ipconnect.de]
wszedł do pokoju.
(20:38:23) bzzbot: dos1 meant: on bottwom of screen you have to
columns of buttons
(20:38:28) dos1: ...
(20:38:40) dos1: on bottom of screen you have two columns of buttons
(20:38:41) tomboy64: culumns? 2 rows you mean?
(20:38:55) PaulFert`: Three columns, two rows.
(20:38:56) dos1: columns; both with 3 rows
(20:38:59) tomboy64: wow!
(20:38:59) dos1: hmm
(20:39:00) dos1: heh
(20:39:03) tomboy64: now i found them
(20:39:10) tomboy64: yikes
(20:39:12) dos1: mine english isn't good :D
(20:39:14) tomboy64: let's test :-D
(20:39:21) dos1: so i was correct
(20:39:25) tomboy64: dos1, you're here to help - i appreciate that :)
(20:39:26) dos1: users are broken ;)
(20:39:32) tomboy64: pffft
(20:39:36) dos1: :D
(20:39:51) spaetz: dos1: thanks for the calculator layout suggestions
(20:39:53) ***tomboy64 runs to the window
(20:39:57) tomboy64: brb


(20:47:04) tomboy64: cheers dos1
(20:47:08) tomboy64: you made my day
(20:47:13) ***tomboy64 's got a fix

There is no problem with GPS. There is problem with users who think,
that they have problems with GPS ;)
And no, Zhone didn't helped - it was only debug panel with signal
informations (which shr-settings will have in future)

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