More than 7 partitions on the SD

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> > This problem was also discussed on the LKML, but with no actual result
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> > Greetings
> Thanks for the info, i'll watch that topic!
> Just one question, why i've saw /dev/sdaz ? I work with storages like
> SAN and some of our customer are using linux, considering a multipath
> environment (1 LUN 4 path) and a multipathing software the 16 sd* device
> limit is easily reached, but i'm sure that i've saw devices
> like /dev/sdaz which are teorically impossible to be created reading the
> spec file. It was a RHEL, various version with the default kernel and
> i'm quite sure that the multipath sw didn't patch anything, so, how is
> this possible?
> This is different in that it uses the SCSI subsystem v.s directly MMC
If you put our 7+ parditioned MMC/SD card in a usb card reader you should
see you can access all the partitions.

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