More than 7 partitions on the SD [entering OT]

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Sun Mar 15 15:48:30 CET 2009

Il giorno dom, 15/03/2009 alle 12.32 +0100, Kees Jongenburger ha
> This is different in that it uses the SCSI subsystem v.s directly MMC layer.
> If you put our 7+ parditioned MMC/SD card in a usb card reader you should see you can access all the partitions.

Ok, i've understood that, infact i was asking if there was a possibility
to switch to scsi subsystem, but this is not the problem, i've found
this ,
referenced in the wiki page explaining how to boot from sd. If you read
that file, there are the specs about mmcblk files, major and minor
number, it's ok, nothing new, but reading that it's explained that scsi
disks devices should be at most 16 devices, am i correct?
Of course this is really OT i think, but i'm curious about that so if
someone could reply ok, else, no problem.

Thank you all!


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