[QT Extended Improved 20090316 snapbuild] Wake up from suspend on incoming call

Ian darkstarsword at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 17:53:28 CET 2009

This is the same issue that made me dismiss Qtopia earlier on but
frustrated with every other available distro I decided to see if it
had been solved yet: QT Extended won't resume from suspend on an
incoming call (possibly SMS as well), it will only respond to the
event if it is already on. If it was suspended it believes that it is
receiving the event when it is later turned on, likely well after the

Is this why the default setting is not to suspend?

Is there another power saving work around (such as replacing the lock
program with something that forces the display to remain off until a
physical button is pressed, a call received or so forth)?

I haven't tested it extensively yet (freshly flashed... again), but
how are other users dealing with the lack of decent power management
(carry a second battery, charger or USB cable?), or am I missing
something obvious?


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