[shr-testing] GPRS: opkg update stalls on "armv4t/Packages.gz"

Vasco Névoa vasco.nevoa at sapo.pt
Mon Mar 23 13:03:08 CET 2009

Got a weird situation here.

When doing "opkg update" using a GPRS connection, the download of  
http://build.shr-project.org/shr-testing/ipk/armv4t/Packages.gz always  
gets stalled and eventually fails by timeout.

When I try a "wget" of the same file, I can see it stalling at 45568  
bytes. If I relaunch it (with -c to continue the same download), it  
resumes ok and then stalls again at 90112 bytes. Same thing at 141 kB,  
183 kB, 227 kB, and 273 kB, and finishes correctly at 301 kB.
So, it is stalling consistently at every (approximate) 45 kB interval.

When I try wgetting a different large file, like for example  
http://www.raulx64.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/i_am_blue_1280x1024_wallpaper.jpg, it also stalls at approximately every 85 kB {48640, 136 kB, 235 kB, 319 kB, 399 kB}, but only for a few seconds each time, and downloads successfully in a single run (503  

How can I debug this?
Why is it stalling?
How can I change the default timeout (busybox's wget doesn't allow  
timeout or retry parameters...)



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