[SHR] frameworkd spawns <defunct> xset, various other problems

Konstantin Chaosspawn23 at gmx.net
Tue Mar 24 20:55:36 CET 2009

Hi there!

I hope this isn't too stupid a question, but:

I've flashed SHR testing (dated March 03 2009, I think) recently, and
encountered some weird behaviour.

1. When trying to suspend via the power button menu, the suspend sometimes
doesn't work, the "Suspending your computer. Please wait" screen just stays
there for a while (a minute or so) and then goes away, however without actually
suspending the system. Subsequent attempts to suspend yield the same result. The
only way I found to "fix" this is to reboot. :/
Last time I had this problem, I found there was a <defunct> xset process spawned
by frameworkd which I suspect my be the cause of this problem, however I was
unable to kill it without stopping frameworkd (that is, I had to stop frameworkd
in order to get rid of the xset process), which in turn rendered my GSM
nonfunctional for the remainder of the session - no good fix :(

2. Sometimes, applications segfault when I try to start them via the launcher,
but when trying again, they (sometimes) work all of a sudden. I've experienced
this with cellhunter and the shr-dialer and messages apps so far (so maybe it's
gsm related?). Do any of you have these problems, too, or is it just me?

3. Rotating the screen with xrandr -o 3 introduces a wrong touchscreen
calibration - I know there was a ticket for that for OM2008.X, but I thought
this had been fixed? Or do I use the wrong X-Server/Rendering Engine/Theme/Phone? ;)

If anybody has any ideas for potential fixes, I would be very happy :)


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