[SHR] frameworkd spawns <defunct> xset, various other problems

D. Gassen dirk.gassen at web.de
Tue Mar 24 21:26:15 CET 2009


> 1. When trying to suspend via the power button menu, the suspend  
> sometimes
> doesn't work, the "Suspending your computer. Please wait" screen  
> just stays
> there for a while (a minute or so) and then goes away, however  
> without actually
> suspending the system. Subsequent attempts to suspend yield the same  
> result. The
> only way I found to "fix" this is to reboot. :/
> Last time I had this problem, I found there was a <defunct> xset  
> process spawned
> by frameworkd which I suspect my be the cause of this problem,  
> however I was
> unable to kill it without stopping frameworkd (that is, I had to  
> stop frameworkd
> in order to get rid of the xset process), which in turn rendered my  
> nonfunctional for the remainder of the session - no good fix :(

I have noticed the defunct xset processes, too, but suspend (usually)  
works for me, so I don't think that not suspending is caused by this.  
(I'm using SHR unstable, relatively current, I didn't do today's  
update due to file collisons in imlib2-loader).

> 2. Sometimes, applications segfault when I try to start them via the  
> launcher,
> but when trying again, they (sometimes) work all of a sudden. I've  
> experienced
> this with cellhunter and the shr-dialer and messages apps so far (so  
> maybe it's
> gsm related?). Do any of you have these problems, too, or is it just  
> me?

Not only you, I have experienced the same. It seems that as long as  
you're not properly registered to a network the GSM related apps  
(Cellhunter, Dialer, Contacts, Phonelog, SMS) do crash if they are  
started before ophonekitd has registered to the network. I usually  
wait until the bars appear in the top bar, which usually indicates to  
me that GSM functionality is available. I think the same is true if  
ophoned crashed (which hasn't happened anymore for some weeks now).

Best Regards,

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