FR: Problems, problems: please help

Tom Yates madhatter at
Wed Mar 25 13:16:09 CET 2009

On Tue, 24 Mar 2009, Toni Mueller wrote:

> can we perhaps agree on "all hardware usable on a daily basis"?

my 'moko, which is the same hardware rev. as yours, is my daily usable

it took 3 days of solid work to make the phone usable when i first got it. 
with later revisions, this time has decreased, due mostly to improvements 
in the distros, and partly to my increased familiarity with the device.

if it's of any use to you, my step-by-step guide to what i did to my moko 
to get it working on 2008.12, with links to some earlier writeups, can be 
found at .

> Yes, but documentation is _poor_.

to be honest, i found the documentation excellent - but very widely 
distributed; it's not all on the wiki, nor on any one website.  this 
doesn't surprise me, as the 'moko is such a general-purpose device, but i 
agree that it's unhelpful if you're starting from cold.

i urge you to persevere with your 'moko.  people do regularly use exactly 
that model as a daily 'phone, with a variety of distros, though it does 
take some work.


   Tom Yates  -

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