[HW] microSD card mount needs redesign

D. Gassen dirk.gassen at web.de
Wed Mar 25 18:02:54 CET 2009

> Heh, I'm wondering... What's wrong with me, if I can remove SD card
> from FR's reader easily without any tools, handles or hacks? ;)

You must have the same flaw like me :-)

It seems that everybody has different fingers. Some may have very  
short fingernails or their fingers are bigger so that they can't get  
the fingernail in that easy.

It is not very user friendly, I have to admit. I wish there was a slot  
that would allow for removal/insertion without shutting down the FR.  
(same for the SIM card, if that's possible)

The Sharp Zaurus had an SD card slot that was easily accessible. I  
actually planned to have different apps on different SD cards for  
different functions. With increasing sizes of SD cards this seems not  
to be that much of a requirement anymore, though.


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