[HW] microSD card mount needs redesign

Joachim Ott jo.omsl at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 25 19:56:09 CET 2009

2009/3/25 D. Gassen <dirk.gassen at web.de>:
>> Heh, I'm wondering... What's wrong with me, if I can remove SD card
>> from FR's reader easily without any tools, handles or hacks? ;)
> You must have the same flaw like me :-)
> It seems that everybody has different fingers. Some may have very
> short fingernails or their fingers are bigger so that they can't get
> the fingernail in that easy.
> It is not very user friendly, I have to admit. I wish there was a slot
> that would allow for removal/insertion without shutting down the FR.
> (same for the SIM card, if that's possible)

You don't need to do a shutdown to change SIM or SD-card. Just connect
the wall charger or USB to desktop, after that you can remove the
battery, the SIM and then the SD-card (in that order). And it's a good
idea to stop any daemons before that are using the SIM or SD before
doing this.

Having an "open" slot for SIM or SD requires a mechanism to prevent
the card from falling out unintentionally as well as a cover to
prevent dirt and such to get into the slot.

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