Device somehow powered down - would not power up again

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Maybe it needs more power?  I read somewhere about booting the FR takes more amps than the USB power alone can provide, but the wall charger provides about 2x more power than the USB connected to a computer can.

If you've already tried the wall charger, then disregard.


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Subject: Device somehow powered down - would not power up again


today, my FR suddenly powered down, due to unknown reason (I didn't see
a shutdown message). The battery should have had 2/3rds of its capacity
left over at that time. I was unable to awaken the device, not even
with USB power. Then, I pulled it apart to remove the battery and the
SIM card (which I needed back operational ASAP), and hoped to
investigate, or conduct software upgrades, with the FR only on USB
power. It powered up immediately after pressing the power button, but
powered down again while booting, when the kernel log messages were
still scrolling over the screen, and could not be powered up again.

I thought the FR woas supposed to work w/o SIM card and battery while
on USB power (eg. for maintenance)? Do I face a hardware problem?

FWIW, I still didn't advance from 2.6.24+Om2008.12. The device is still
a GTA02v6.


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