Device somehow powered down - would not power up again

Toni Mueller support at
Sat Mar 28 12:49:22 CET 2009


On Fri, 27.03.2009 at 15:21:52 -0700, Laura Vance <vancelmv at> wrote:
> Maybe it needs more power?  I read somewhere about booting the FR
> takes more amps than the USB power alone can provide, but the wall
> charger provides about 2x more power than the USB connected to a
> computer can.

thank you for pointing this out. I'll try to check that next time. It
means that I can't boot and work on the FR w/o battery, though, because
I need the device to be connected to a computer in order to do
maintenance. Maybe this will be reworked sometime, because it's highly
counterproductive (imho)?

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