Device somehow powered down - would not power up again

Toni Mueller support at
Sat Mar 28 16:14:27 CET 2009


On Sat, 28.03.2009 at 13:31:56 +0100, Sebastian Spaeth <sebastian at> wrote:
> I am not a hardware guy! but...

I'm not a hardware guy, too. I have opinions about how things *should*
work, however (eg. "work as advertised").

> USB only delivers 100mA until a higher rate is negotiated. But for this
> to happen you need to have the kernel and the usb drivers loaded
> already, so it is kind of difficult. And the FR uses more than 100mA
> when booting.

Maybe. Without researching the archives right now, I was under the
impression that this longstanding issue was resolved with the latest
version of the hard- and software, and announced as such weeks or
months ago on one of the mailing lists, or the wiki. I may be mistaken,
and/or maybe a bug has crept back in, but this *should* *work*.

I was unable to determine exactly the point where the device crashes,
but if I could find that out, maybe there'd be a way to load the USB
drivers earlier? But then, I'd first need to learn how to create my own
kernels for the device. If you have tips for me... compiling on the
device will certainly be a pain, but using some kind of cross-compiling
toolchain should be possible.

Kind regards,

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