[HW] Ear phones with microphone, for hands-free calling?

Al Johnson openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk
Sat Mar 28 18:11:40 CET 2009

Apart from the inline bits below, note that the mic on the headset will 
probably suffer from buzz heard at the far end. Bluetooth is probably a better 
bet as it won't suffer from buzz.

On Saturday 28 March 2009, Toni Mueller wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sat, 28.03.2009 at 16:20:11 +0100, arne anka <openmoko at ginguppin.de> 
> > I wrote:
> > > external in-ear head set that also features a microphone be a good
> > > thing to have for this device.
> >
> > afaik the package included a wired headset too.
> mine didn't, and afaik, the offered headset does not include a
> microphone.

For a while there were some free extras while stocks remained, and a headset 
with mic was part of that. This might have been limited to 10-packs

> > resellers of the fr do imo offer the matching headset.
> ... w/o a microphone.

I have seen resellers offering the headset mentioned above separately in the 
past, but they may now be out of stock.

> > for other see either the archives or the wiki. there have been lengthy
> I was already looking out there, but didn't turn up anything useful
> there.

Google's top hit for 'openmoko headset pinout' will give you this:

> > sure, but i am not sure, if handsfree equals headset. at least headphones
> > are forbidden (even for bicycles, but nobody cares).
> If it would be possible to connect the phone to a car radio - some of
> these include an USB connector, that would imho solve the problem and
> provide muting as well as the option to use the car's stereo for voice
> output. But I don't know how this can be made to work.

Bluetooth hands-free kits are cheap and should work. Some cars have these as 
part of the stereo.

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