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Vladimir Berezenko qmaster at
Sun Mar 29 20:10:27 CEST 2009

On 26/03/2009, smchadwell at wrote:

s> I'm fiddling around, for the first time, with Illume's config menu;
s> some of  the items display well enough for me to use them, but others
s> -- Wallpaper  Settings, for example -- display beyond the screen edges
s> and there's no way  of scrolling around. I tried changing the screen
s> orientation and the  resolution, but got the same results. Any ideas?
s> Apologies if this has been  covered already.

The problem is in wrong DPI settings in illume. They're ~1.5 times bigger than
needed, so you have a ~1.5 times bigger windows and other. If setting DPI to
correct sizes you'll be unable to read anything without a microscope. 8)

PS: when setting x11_16 engine you'll be unable to enter those menues because
of segfaulting of illume. 8(

WBR, Vladimir Berezenko. ( Q-Master/MiR )

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