FR: Problems, problems: please help

B bburdette at
Sun Mar 29 22:50:21 CEST 2009

Toni Mueller wrote:

> I am prepared to live with the device if I can verify that it has no
> significant hardware bug (=defect), which I can't determine ATM. 

Hey Toni;

Having tried the initial 2008 release that came with the phone, upgraded 
to 2008.12 and then changed to SHR, I'd advise giving the latest 
iteration of SHR-testing a try.  I've found it to be fairly stable and 
usable, although not everything is totally ironed out.  I can make and 
receive phone calls reliably, wifi works (although the GUI app for 
connecting does not).  GPS is reported to work, although I haven't tried 
very hard to get mine working - I can say it doesn't work for me in my 
living room, but neither does any other gps.

A strong point with SHR-testing for me is the battery life.  Its often 
still usable the next day, and suspend and un-suspend works well.  The 
last SHR left wifi on all the time, which was a huge drain.

I think you mentioned using the phone as a music player - I hear that 
the sound reproduction is not the greatest from the moko, that there's 
no bass because of a hardware issue.  Its probably possible to do some 
compensation for this with software, but from what I understand the 
GTA02 will never be a high fidelity sound source like an IPod.

The other issue I have with the phone is the lack of volume in the 
earpiece in SHR.  I can converse fine at home, but in noisy environments 
its a problem.  There's no GUI volume adjust, and changing the levels in 
the config files can result in echo for whoever you're talking with. 
Still, its better for the current SHR-testing release than for the 
previous one.


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