[FSO] milestone V on GTA01

Peter Rasmussen plr at udgaard.com
Mon Mar 30 23:30:01 CEST 2009

This actually brings me to an issue that I have thought of for a while:

Is there, or could there be made a list for us people with only interest in the GTA01?

For some reason I have lost what "FSO milestone V" is, and that kind of bothers me when I now read this posting.

I would therefore like to explore the possibilities of the Neo1973, where I for now mostly is able to test and provide detailed reports on the tests. Later I may be able to also do some development.

My list of interests in priority order is as of right now:

1.Voice calls and the stability thereof.
2.Text message editing, SMS, and the stability thereof.
3.Arranging of contacts in regard to usage with voice calls and SMS.
4.Using European language character sets in SMS, hopefully later also with double byte character sets.
5.Handling of received and sent SMS messages.
6.Playing MP3 files over the headset, either by file or by folder.
7.Using the GPS device to get a fix of current position.

Details like handling of ring/vibration signals from incoming voice calls and messages are of course also high on the list, but difficult to put into the list because I don't know how difficult it is to deal with in the present stack.

Anyway, I would still like to ask for the interest in having this in a NEo1973 forum only, as that would filter FR issues, but would eventually provide a stable platform that would also benefit FR users.

So, how do we:

1. Create and debug SW for the Neo1973?
2. Build Neo1973 images?
3. Enable using multiple kernels and rootfs systems using multi-GB SDHC flash cards?

I still think that we, the owners of a Neo1973, are a great group that just needs to find each other and figure out what to do with this platform.

Let me know what you think,

Tilman Baumann wrote:
> On 27.03.2009, at 15:22, Sten Kvamme wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Installed FSO milestone V on my GTA01 today and found out USB  
>> networking
>> is moved to modules.
> O good to hear. Looking forward to set a statical MAC address for USB  
> networking again.
> (module parameters)
> The changing macs really annoy me on osx.
>> What is the easiest way to enable USB networking?
> Sorry, no idea. Just realised the benefit for me. :)
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