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Iurii yuri at
Fri Nov 20 08:47:25 CET 2009

Hello everybody
i have just received my openmoko Neo Freerunner + (Developer board)
i wanted to ask a few question before developing
1. which software the openmoko uses to control OS (standart terminal wont
*when i received the Neo it came without any soft and The OS doesnt haves
the terminal aswell.
i read the wiki i found all the stuff (but i want a suggestion from people
who allready is using)
2. How to make a backup if reflashing
again i read the wiki but i want to listen opinions
3.bassicly whats the difference betwenn NAND and the other memory.
4.does the factory OS support GTK+ or i have to reflash it?
because i have a program based on my needs i wrote it before
5.and how to actually browse the OS files i found out dfu-util should be
like a terminal?
can i get a small tutorial for that? 
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