SHR-U / FSO GPRS problem: many things fail after GPRS disconnect

Tom Yates madhatter at
Fri Nov 20 21:43:38 CET 2009

I'm having a problem with both Sep09 and Nov09 SHR-U and GPRS.  It mirrors 
a problem i used to have with 2009, though less frequently.

Specifically, once I set my APN correctly SHR-U brings the GPRS connection 
up beautifully, but once I bring it down (using 
Settings->Connectivity->Disconnect) the phone finds it difficult to 
suspend, often refuses to make calls, won't fire up the settings 
application, that sort of thing.  The phone rapidly becomes 
near-catatonic, and has to be rebooted.

I see from that I'm not the 
only one with this problem, but the SHR chaps believe it to be an upstream 

The closest thing I can find in the FSO tracker is , which isn't overfull of detail 
or changing very much.

Does anyone else have this problem?  FSO chaps, might this be an FSO 
issue?  How can I help diagnose it?  It's very repeatable for me.


       Tom Yates  -

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