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Walery Strauch walery at online.de
Sun Nov 22 02:39:54 CET 2009


my CellHunter on SHR (pre-nov2009-core-updates) shows me:

Provider: 	o2 - de (262/07)
Cell: 		A102 / EA0E / 25

I was trying to find some documentation about this but in vain...
So my guess is this:

Provider: 	o2 - de (MCC/MNC)
Cell: 		LAC / cellID / signalStrength

but what says signalStrength?
Is 25 much?
What is the maximum?
How to find out which cell is on house of my neighbor?
Has cell on one house only one MNC, or are there splits for the provider?


Walery ;o)

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