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Thu Nov 26 09:34:26 CET 2009


not12listen wrote (ao):
> >> my question still stands...  is there a reasonable method by which
> >> to connect an OM device to an exchange server?
> >>
> >> in all honesty, if there is, i'd run out and buy one tomorrow... :)
> >>
> >> again, i am VERY green when it comes to linux, but is there a way to
> >> package the Exchange connection add-on of Evolution to either Claws,
> >> Openmoko Mail or Qtmail?  or, is that idea much like re-inventing the
> >> wheel?

> i need to be able to view/reply to emails within my inbox and the folders
> inside, and also view/edit my calendar - all of this is hosted on an
> exchange server of course.

I use rdesktop to connect to a XP machine with Lookout. Due to the
resolution of the Freerunner this works pretty well.

The commands to connect to xp-workstation:

xrandr -o 1   # rotate screen
rdesktop -uUSER -pPASSWORD -z -xl -K -g640x450 xp-workstation
xrandr -o 0   # rotate screen

Maybe this helps.


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