how can I make phone call with open moko? (perhaps is a battery issue)

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Thu Oct 8 11:56:25 CEST 2009

2009/10/8 Zhang Weiwu <zhangweiwu at>:
> In 2008 the phone arrived with battery life of less than one day,
> because it doesn't suspend right. I put it on the self as I cannot use
> it. Two months ago a friend gets SHR running on it which looks much more
> useful than it was before, but sometimes when it suspend, a phone call
> can wake it up, sometimes it doesn't, and usually at the end of a day it
> cannot wake up (in the morning it works fine, perhaps because it is
> newly charged).

yers, i find mine needs rebooting every day or so. there are some who
have issues with the screen not turning on when it comes out of

> Instead of exploring all 10 distributions and try different versions of
> each, my simple answer as a user (not a developer for openmoko yet) is,
> what can I do to make my free runner work as an ordinary phone? An
> ordinary phone allows me to dail whenever I need it and doesn't fail
> that, it also accepts incoming call for a day or so after charged. I can
> live without phone book / calendar / calculator / radio / gps etc, but I
> couldn't use it if it is not usable as a phone.

i use shr-unstable for several months now, and for the last 2 it's
been great - reliable (save the very rare issue as above). it's fine
as an every day phone, for text and calls, although it needs charging
every two days

> I have a feeling when it is suspended the machine still consumes a lot
> of power. When it is awake it takes -204mA power according to SHR's
> Setting -> Power (the -204mA is confusing so I take it as 204mA), my
> battery is 1200mAh so it lasts 5 hours when fully awaken, but it lasted
> such long time when most time unused (and turned black). I believe when
> I don't use it it is suspended because when phone call comes in it
> scrolls a lot of text which look like kernel resume message before
> offering me to pick up the phone.


> I also wonder how many other buyers of free runner use it as daily phone
> and how reliable it is as a phone?

plenty, from what i've heard

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