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On Tue, 20 Oct 2009 10:39:54 +0530
max <csy0013 at googlemail.com> wrote:

> I am attempting to switch on my Freerunner after quite a few months.
> However, it just doesn't turn on.

> tried booting with USB power. Nothing worked. Any suggestions other than
> getting a new battery?  :-)

Hi, maybe you can try using other battery to turn on your Freerunner and check if every thing is fine with the phone, I did it few months ago when I tried to charge my freerunner but wasn't able to do that 'cause at that time my 120v power extension cable was defective and did not let pass electricity to the Freerunner's charger. And I thought that my battery was dead or my phone is damage. So I used my BL-5c 3.7v battery from my Nokia on the Freerunner to turn it on, and it worked 'cause the two batteries supplies the same energy. (Now I know that my Freerunner and the battery are fine, and was may cable the defective one).

Maybe what you need to do is find any battery like it (BL-5c 3.7v), turn on your Freerunner with it, and when it finished to start up, with the charger or USB cable pluged in to the Freerunner, change the battery to the original that came with the Freerunner, and see if the battery accepts or receive charge (the charger or the USB pluged in while you change the batteries allows that the phone doesn't turn off). And if it works, let the battery charge more than the necessary time. 

Please take in mind that this battery is not designed for the Freerunner, but supplies the same energy required for the Freerunner, but not the necesary to make phone calls, at least for me tested on the om2009. But for me it doesn't affected my Freerunner in any way.

Hope this helps.

Adrian Carrera.

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