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One more thing: 
My user name is : hackable1
Which do not have root privileges.


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> I am currently using openmoko neo freerunner.
It is good to provide more informative subject of mail, and let us know
which operating system do you use. If you do this next time you will get
help faster and better suited for your needs. Because you didn't provide
that info, below hints might be inaccurate.

> 1.I have forgotten the root password. How to reset my root password?
You might try to open terminal and execute `passwd`, or open terminal
and edit /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow to empty password string. Most
likely the terminal will be started with root privileges, so you will
not need to provide root password to edit these files.

> 2.I want to install wpa_supplicant on that machine, how can I do that?
I assume you mean the smartphone by saying "machine". If so, than
probably all you need is here:

> 3.How can I access and install applications on my phone from my linux
> desktop?
again, that depends on operating system that you use...

Now about your signature... avoid sending such information to mailing
lists. And for all sake, use correct signature separator! For details,
please read: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3676.txt section 4.3

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