EAP_TLS and wpa_supplicant

Harshil Anil Kumar Shah Harshil_Shah at infosys.com
Wed Aug 4 07:48:59 CEST 2010


I have solved the root password issue.

Right now, I am facing the problem in authenticating the neo freerunner with EAP-TLS using wpa_supplicant.

1. My fedora 9 is Radius server
2. Dlink is my AP, which simply transfers to/from server.
3. Openmoko freerunner is my client which needs to be authenticated.

When I am running wpa_supplicant from the phone, it says "operation not supported, Failed to start AP scan"


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> One more thing: 
> My user name is : hackable1
> Which do not have root privileges.
You can try to boot any other distro from uSD card, obtain root
privileges there, mount internal flash which contains 'hackable:1' and
edit /etc/ files.

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