[SHR-Testing[ Trouble with 16Gb microSDHC

Konstantin Chaosspawn23 at gmx.net
Sun Jan 3 19:17:58 CET 2010

Adrian Carrera wrote:
> Well, as far as I know uboot and qi are updated from time to time, there
> is no replace one for the other or vice versa, is more which one fits
> your needs. The main difference between qi and uboot is that qi is
> needed for kernels bigger that 2MB like the one used with Android - (but
> I don't know if the last release of uboot can manage this kind of
> kernels size) -, and the kernel and the filesystem can be in the same
> partition, instead of the 2 partitions used with uboot.
> Maybe someone that knows the 'up to date' features of each one can give
> you the wide range of defferences.
> The SHR's kernel is less than 2MB, so there's no problem at all. And
> ones it is working with the 2 partitions (kernel and filesystem), you
> can switch between bootloaders to test which one you like the most.
> Best regards.
> Adrian.

Okay, thanks again. I tried both the latest SHR testing and SHR unstable with
each of the bootloaders (u-boot and qi)in their respective newest versions, but
at some point I always had fs errors. A bad blocks check of the SD on my PC has
not given any positive results, so I suppose my freerunner just doesn't play
well with that particular card. I'm not completely sure if the card might be a
fake, the backside (where the contacts are) looks suspicious, the paint over the
circuit is green as opposed to black as on my other sandisk cards, and is more
translucent than the paint used with the other cards.
Bad luck :(


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