GPS stopped working, can't figure it out... what else?

Ian Darwin ian at
Sat Jul 10 14:55:22 CEST 2010

>> khm... would you mind sharing what 'assist data' that was? and how you
>> got around getting it?
> I got me a password from and use the script from this page:
> (the python one). I set the values for lat and lon to known values
> (for me lat=52.375756;lon=13.651114;) and feed the output into
> /dev/ttySAC1 -  this speeds up finding satellites alot.
This is an important action if you're using the GPS. The wiki discussion 
cited above could use
some cleanup but the information you need is there. Anyone using a FR 
device and wanting
to use the GPS should be using this. There's even a version for Android 
On OM at

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