Battery discharges when not in use.

Πρεκατές Αλέξανδρος aprekates at
Sun Jul 25 00:41:44 CEST 2010

στις 24/07/2010 08:41 πμ, O/H Al Johnson έγραψε:
> On Saturday 24 July 2010, Πρεκατές Αλέξανδρος wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I noticed that when my GTA02v6 neo  is powered off
>> after some days i cant open it again, so i assume that
>> battery dried out.
>> Is that a hardware issue or i have a bad battery.
> How many is 'some'? The GSM hardware is connected directly to the battery 
> iirc, so it is possible there is a small drain there even when the phone is 
> turned off. I know that with the GSM turned off I can leave it suspended for a 
> week and still have plenty of charge left when it resumes, but I don't 
> remember anyone looking at how long it could last with the power off.

I had it turned off for 8-9 days.
i tryed the  test script

root at om-gta02 ~ $ > dsc.log
and ctrl+c in 1 minute . (does it terminate?).
I dont get any output so i mustnot have the bug.

Is there any clock draining power ? how does gtm02 keep time?

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