Updating OM2008 over mingw/ssh

luca pisani luca.pisani at birdo.net
Sun Nov 28 17:04:18 CET 2010

Android: http://code.google.com/p/android-on-freerunner/
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Bye Luca

On 11/28/2010 01:07 PM, Jared Maddox wrote:
> After giving up on it for a while, I'm ready to try getting a new
> distro onto my freerunner (got a cheapo phone for free when AT&T did a
> network migration). I've tried the SD card method (haven't managed to
> figure that out), the flashing method (ditto), and the download method
> (difficult when you can't get to the net at all on the phone). But I
> know that I can at least READ FROM the phone with SSH, because I've
> done that successfully before (and I seem to have accidentally
> replacedt some stuff too... oops). So, what do I need to do to
> accomplish an 'in place' upgrade, and which distro would you
> recommend?
> Nothing involving writing to SD card, or flashing, or bridging/etc.
> network connections, please; I want to figure that out AFTER I update
> the OS, NOT before.
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