How to get serial port connection to Neo Freerunner? / SOLVED

Al Johnson openmoko at
Mon Apr 4 16:49:18 CEST 2011

On Monday 04 April 2011, Dave Schmidt wrote:
> Hi Al and the list,
> > From: Al Johnson on 03/29/11 03:17 PM
> > 
> > Am I right in thinking you're using the debug board to get a serial port
> > level shifted to 3.3V, and connecting that to the Calypso serial
> > interface through the headset jack?
> No... I do not fully understand your question, which probably means
> I'm not trying THAT :)
> What I understand now, is that for my purpose (running osmocon on
> the phone) serial connection is not needed, as in OpenMoko case the
> communication happens via TCP socket as explained in
> . Thanks anyway!

The Calypso in the OpenMokos has two serial interfaces. One is connected to 
the cpu and appears as /dev/ttySAC0, and the other is connected to the headset 
jack socket.

According to their wiki[1][2] osmocon connects to the calypso through either 
of these serial ports, and provides a socket interface. If you run osmocon on 
the phone the obvious port to use is /dev/ttySAC0. If you were running osmocon 
on a separate machine you would connect via the headphone jack instead, just 
as you would for most of the other supported handsets[3]. The debug board 
contains a USB serial interface that can be used to connect to the headset 
jack socket[4], so when you mentioned the debug board I assumed you were using 
this method. 


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