Aleix Orti aleixof at tinet.cat
Sat Oct 1 21:58:56 CEST 2011

hello again!
I try to explain myself better.

In a SHR distro I have a:
A) bootloader: there are two diferents: qi with a
udfu extension and uboot with .bin extension
B) kernel: usually named uImage.bin
C) a filesystem: there are two possibilities: a om-gta02.tar.gz and

I unpacked om-gta02.tar.gz on shr2011.raw

and I tried to run it with Qemu but it haven't worked 

My questions are:
-How can I get a initrd file from the files I have? Can I get it from
the SHR running on the phone?
- How can I boot the SHR on qemu? where is the place of the bootloader?
  or why haven't started the kernel with:
$ qemu-system-arm -kernel uImage.bin -hda shr2011.raw

thank you again in advance

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