How to buy a freerunner

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Im not sure if one of the messages was for me or not, but im offering it for free, as a ( no-charge) to help someone els get something good on that device and or its projects

In any case, i can provide pics and whats so ever to show you that im not a spammer or something , for real hahah what a spammer would do on openmoko channel ??? did all the website become secure in 1 day and the last place left is openmoko channel , im sorry its funny :) 

In any case, see what you want and message me 


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Dnia 2012-08-06, pon o godzinie 17:43 +0200, Michael Parchet pisze:
> Hello,
> I preferred to buy a freerunner in an official store.
Read all posts. You can have FR for free (you do not have to pay for it)
from MJ Fahmi <mjfahmi at>.
    Otherwise if you do not want to have it for free, you can buy it for
example here:
    Yes, Pulster is official OpenMoko resseler, however OpenMoko Inc.
closed it's business.

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