Some questions about the freerunne

Michaël Parchet mparchet at
Mon Oct 15 18:29:13 CEST 2012


I'm looking for a telephone with the free software. I need to read the open document file. Unfortunately, In my region, 
has a cafe I frequent  my phone provider have only a 3g antenna.

is there a possibility to add the 3g  and make some phone with this ?

Is there a software to reed and edit the opendocument ?

Wat's the antenna quality ? it's good ?

There are a software to reed the aac (m4a) and mp3

What's the music format ?

Whath's the warranty conditions ?

There is no camera isn't it ?

If all the answers at this question is positive. I chose this telephone.

What's your answer ?

Tanks for your help

Best regards


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