[Bug 133] Designer image layouts should have both 4 corners and full images

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Tue Aug 21 16:42:23 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From mickey at vanille-media.de  2007-08-21 16:42 -------
For the records, the usual way pixmaps engines deal with images is that you have
a portion that is stretchable (e.g. the gradient of a button) and a portion that
is not stretchable (e.g. the frame border of a button). The pixmap engine then
renders the frame fixed and only has to scale the innards -- hence even large
buttons can look ok, because only the gradient is scaled.

It will help if the designer doesn't provide 4 seperate images (4 corners with
overlapping middle part), but rather or in addition one reasonably sized (usual
size of the resulting screen element) combined image together with a text file
or metadata that gives us the information about the size of the frame portions
and the innards.

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