[Bug 93] test 4GB microSD card compatibility

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------- Additional Comments From gnu at openmoko.toad.com  2007-08-22 00:25 -------
If you are able to access the card at all, then you have SDHC support in the
kernel.  (SDHC cards use a different initialization sequence so that trying to
access them from non-SDHC drivers will fail immediately rather than returning
garbled results from trying to read big filesystems.)  After initialization, the
only difference in SDHC I/O commands is that the former byte-address of an SD
read or write has become a block-address in SDHC.

Sounds like there's still some bug in the driver -- but probably not SDHC
related.  One possible way to isolate it might be to see if you can reproduce it
by writing the output of a deterministic sequence (whether it's 1, 2, 3, ... or
the output of rand() or whatever) that's calculated by the CPU rather than read
from another I/O interface.  If SD fails on those writes (or worse -- if it
doesn't fail but the data doesn't read back identical later) then you have an
SD-only problem.  If that works, but scp or wget to SD fails, then maybe you
have a bus contention problem or something like that.

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