[Bug 765] Factory Reset writes wrong environment

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Tue Aug 28 14:29:03 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From cm at acc.umu.se  2007-08-28 14:29 -------
I agree that the full menu should be default. I have a bad u-boot version
(august 8 I think) and get hit with this every time I flash a new kernel. What
happens is that part of the kernel always overwrites /dev/mtdblock1

The way around it for me, since I don't have a debug board, is to boot with
"Factory Reset" (the Boot option never works) and then scp a working mtdblock1
to the neo, ssh in and do a "dd if=working_mtdblock1 of=/dev/mtdblock1".  

After that I get the full boot menu and can use the USB-serial. I still can't
boot without selecting Factory Reset though. (More here:

I will try a newer u-boot. Just a bit afraid of bricking it totally.

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