[Bug 770] Battery discharging while phone is off

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------- Additional Comments From fabchevalier at free.fr  2007-08-30 20:17 -------
Quoting a recent mail from on device-owners ML:

"I hooked up a current meter between my battery and the phone, and noted that my
Neo draws around 41mA (meter not calibrated recently) after turning on then off.
 The -P option with the shutdown command doesn't seem to have an effect on this.
 As Fabien noted, if I physically disconnect the battery for a few moments after
shutting down, then reconnect it, the phone draws much less current,
approximately 70uA, which is why the battery does not drain overnight.  Another
interesting thing I noted was that if I only disconnect the battery for a very
short time (maybe 1 second), the phone then draws 14mA instead of 41."

Any way we could have some tips from FIC ?
Does it look like a BUG or un unimplemented feature ? (Like making sure all bits
are powered off before to shut down the s3c241O)



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