[Bug 770] Battery discharging while phone is off

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------- Additional Comments From laforge at openmoko.org  2007-08-31 05:42 -------
yes, this is sort-of a known issue. It seems not all peripherals are properly
turned off before shutting down the PMU.  Especially the GSM part most
definitely is still on, unless it receives and AT at POFF on the UART prior to

the gsmd init script should take care of that, which it most likely doesn't.

In GTA02 we have addressed this by hardware, i.e. GSM will automatically be
switched off once the PMU shuts down.

Another potential issue is the audio amplifier (see #781).

So while this is known for a long time, our extremely small and overloaded team
just didn't have time to implement it yet.

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