[Bug 682] OpenMoko compatible with T-Mobile Hotspot at Home

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Fri Aug 31 21:06:42 CEST 2007


------- Additional Comments From greg.hilton at sbcglobal.net  2007-08-31 21:06 -------
I tried contacting T-Mobile, but was not able to get to much information, but I
was able to get this much:
"..., please note that in order for a phone to work with the Hotspots @Home
service it is also required to have a dual-mode handset that is enabled to make
UMA calls. The current data devices that have Wi-Fi capability are only single
mode and will not allow a seamless connection between GSM and UMA."

So it looks like one of the requierments is to be runing GSM and Wi-Fi at the
same time.  Perhapes someone can contact T-Mobile as a developer to get the rest
of the requierments.

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