[Bug 788] Starting or stopping gsmd completely locks up the Neo

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Thu Dec 6 15:06:39 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From mwester at dls.net  2007-12-06 15:06 -------
Hehe!  The classic developer vs support clash develops!

So the developer mindset says it's better to leave it broken until someone
rewrites the serial driver to correct its behavior.  The support mindset says
that the users need something to keep this horrible crash from occurring, even
if that fix is less than technically pure and elegant.

May I suggest that *SOMEBODY* pick up the task of (at least) providing guidance
on the "Non-Questionable" solution so that said solution can be at least
investigated, and in the meantime, perhaps it might be possible to incorporate
one of these patches so that these crashes cease?

Just FYI, as "Questionable" as these patches might be, one of them is applied to
all kernels built with OE, and as "Questionable" as it might be it has
nicely resolved the problem with nary an issue or side-effect reported.  I fully
realize that does not qualify the fix as "elegant" or "correct", it merely
points out that for those who are "support-minded", the fix qualifies as a
solution that keeps the device running.  :-)

C'mon folks -- we have a phone to build.  If we let ourselves be distracted into
re-writing stock parts of the Linux kernel to *elegantly* support the inelegant
GTA01 hardware hackery, we'll never get anything done.  One vote here for

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