[Bug 990] Missing libxod.tar.gz while building openmoko from scratch

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Fri Dec 7 07:41:13 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From rishi_date at yahoo.com  2007-12-07 07:41 -------
Yes, I am using Bitbake 1.8. I use FC6 with the bash shell.

Though I am building OM2007.2, libxosd is getting build as a part of the build 
process of the "openmoko-devel-image".  As I mentioned in the earlier post I am 
following the instructions given on openmoko wiki article "Building OpenMoko 
from Scratch".  I am not diverting from it.  

What I have done is downloaded the OE.mtn as on Nov 19 and expanded the mtn 
file to get the OM2007.2 directory .  Hence I claimed it is OM2007.2 which I am 

I am not getting a clue of what might have gone wrong.  


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