[Bug 543] Unable to build against uninstalled version of the library

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Sun Dec 9 20:07:53 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From rodolphe.ortalo at free.fr  2007-12-09 20:07 -------
Browse the above patch before considering for inclusion:
- a few source files are touched (primarily for #include adjustements)
- major apps are not built currently (mediaplayer2, appmanager), primarily due
to hard to setup dependencies on a standard Ubuntu.
- artwork files may not be installed in the correct place
- the "start-softmoko" script is certainly perfectible (esp. wrt GNOME setup and
finding theming files inside the xoo window).
However, I have already followed several SVN updates with minimal effort. So the
build system is probably more or less adequate for a host-based development
environment (without any qemu emulation).

I welcome any ideas to push the idea further.

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