[Bug 799] data abort while reading from SD Cards

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Workaround to allow SD booting

The attached patch is a workaround (not a fix) for this issue. I have
successfully booted from SD with this + a "git20071214+svnr3648" u-boot built
from the "openmoko-uboot_svn.bb" recipe (although I had to remove an unrelated
glamo patch that did not apply cleanly).

To reproduce the problem and verify the workaround, insert an ext3-formatted
microSD card into the Neo and execute the following from the u-boot console:

ext2ls mmc 0 <- will crash without the patch, should work OK with it

The "ext2load" command that is used when booting from SD is also affected, but
"ext2ls" is easier to test.

I don't know exactly what is happening, but it's somehow related to the
dynamically-allocated "filename" array in ext2fs_iterate_dir(). Something seems
to be scrambling the stack so that things blow up when the ext2fs_read_file()
function returns. This happens when processing the "." directory entry (a
1-byte filename), so possibly a bug related to unaligned memory access?

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