[Bug 1067] artifacts when doing glamo HW rotation

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------- Additional Comments From dodji at openedhand.com  2007-12-19 16:54 -------

So, I could reproduce the artifact when rotating the LCD to 90 or 270 degres.

In console mode, what happens is that screen becomes blurry, flickers a lot, and
the glyphs in the console can't be read because they are really small and don't
looks more like chunks of lines rather than glyphs.

This is what happens with a pixel clock timing (as returned by fbset) of 50 000
pico second per pixel. This more or less equals to 65Hz of frame rate for a
screen resolution of 640x480 pixels.

Using fbset -pixclock 100 000 to lower the pixel clock rate (setting it to 100
000 pico seconds per pixel which equals to around 33Hz), I was still seeing the

I have made the test using olv's framebuffer driver patch that is at
http://people.openmoko.org/olv/tmp/smedia-fbset-support-12-05.patch. I added
that patch to the linux-openmoko_2.6.22.5.bb file from monotone.openmoko.org,
branch org.openembedded.dev.

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