[Bug 1131] SIM does not register with network

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------- Additional Comments From tschlabach at gmx.net  2007-12-20 11:23 -------
Hi Sean!

I tried that in different places and in all of them, the signal was perfect. I
am sure because the Vodafone SIM is my day-to-day SIM. So whenever I tried, I
took if of my normal phone, place it in the Neo, tried, and took it back and
booked into Vodafone again.

BTW: In Germany there is hardly any roaming inside the country. You can use a
foreign SIM card in Germany to be a roaming guest on a German network or you can
use your German SIM card abroad to be a roaming guest on a network in another

Thinking again ...

> The error number 32 means "network not allowed - emergency calls only".

As the phone did not ask me for the PIN and I did not enter it, I guess the SIM
card failed to provide the whatever secret it would provide (sorry, I am not
sure about terminology here) to authenticate me against the network.

I think the question is: Why am I not asked to enter a PIN? What event on the
GSM module makes the application layer pop up the "please enter your PIN" window
on the phone?


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