[Bug 9] Boot speed too low (kernel part)

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------- Additional Comments From andy at openmoko.com  2007-12-28 23:21 -------
The time from booting to being able to do something with the device is currently
~210s here at 200MHz CPU on a GTA-02 A4 board, 73s (34%) of that is spent
sitting there mounting the rootfs at the moment (quiet doesn't significantly
help with this, it's actually doing something inbetween the message spew).

By running the CPU at 400MHz during boot, we shrink the time by a whole minute
to ~150s, rootfs mount taking 56s (37%).  So we can make a major (~30%)
difference by leaving U-Boot at 400MHz and implementing cpufreq to crank it down
automatically after boot is completed.

The next biggest prize can be had from attacking the rootfs mount time, either
by chopping the rootfs into two and mounting the bulk of it in the background
while the initscripts run from a smaller "early rootfs" partition, and/or by
trying to optimize the NAND read code.

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