[Bug 350] OpenMoko keyboard usability issues

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------- Additional Comments From flerchjj at ieee.org  2007-06-13 10:32 -------
What method is currently used to make the keyboard? If it's a compiled X or GTK
program this will not work well for graphic designers (I know my wife is one),
unless it loads a humanly readable file to determine the layout.

If you go with Matchbox, layouts are made with simple XML. XML is structured &
well understood by designers (or they have tools that do).  A number of layouts
can be defined ( though currently only 1 is supported ) each with any number of
rows of keys, defining the keyboard from top to bottom.

If you go this route let me know. I'd be willing to create some of the layouts I
made for the wishlist (after I get matchbox-keyboard installed or script
something to test it in a browser).

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