[Bug 34] Need to decide if lgsm_handle is still valid.

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------- Additional Comments From tonyguan at fic-sh.com.cn  2007-03-09 03:05 -------
Hi harald,

Did you ever use gsmd on the real phone board? I used "gsmd -p /dev/ttySAC0 -s 
115200", but nothing returned fro the AT commmands. Was there anything I 
missed? the hardware is GTA01Bv3.

for this bug:
1) have libgsmd automatically do reconnect attempts in the background
>> please also consider there can be conditions that the gsm module is offline 
2) have libgsmd just return errors to all calls and do the reconnect inside the
application program

In any case, openmoko-dialer should check the return code of libgsmd function
calls and display a dialog box about gsmd not being available.
>>yes, dialer will check, but currently the return value is not defined 
clearly enough to indicate the real status. I noticed that the value is bytes 
it sends to the com port.

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