[Bug 212] Charging seems completely broken

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Sun Mar 11 14:09:25 CET 2007


------- Additional Comments From mail at atulchitnis.net  2007-03-11 14:09 -------
Yanked wife's Nokia phone battery and plugged it into my OM (needed some padding
to hold it in place). Booted perfectly fine. Battery level shows as 70%. Plugged
OM battery into wife's Nokia (doesn't fit, so have to hold it in place), phone
boots, and shows about 40% charge (inaccurate, going by number of bars on
battery meter). Put OM battery back into OM, goes into boot loop.

Now using wife's phone battery to work on the OM (situation works for me, but
not for the wife :). Trying to figure out how to charge the OM battery externally.

Question - why is the OM unable to work with its own battery at 40% charge? Does
it have to be at least 50%? Is this a calibration issue? Or a battery issue? 

Will wait and see what happens when Nokia battery drops to 40% or less.

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